International Dog Show PRESTIGE 2022R 28-29.05.2022

Międzynarodowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych PRESTIGE 2022R 28-29.05.2022
28 April 2022
Körung-niemiecka licencja hodowlana (zgłoszenia)
28 April 2022

International Dog Show PRESTIGE 2022R 28-29.05.2022

International Dog Show

City, date LESZNO, 28 ÷ 29-05-2022

Exhibition area: Airport – 64-100 Leszno, ul. Gliders 28

International rank of the exhibition Comments Confirmation of acceptance of applications for this exhibition will be sent only by e-mail and will be made available in the system for download / printout approximately 3 days before the exhibition.


The application will be accepted after the fee is registered in the system. If the application is not paid, it will be canceled.

The organizer of the exhibition: Kennel Club in Poland,

Leszno Branch 64-100 Leszno,

ul. Chocimska 4

tel. 65-529-59-92

The office is open: Tuesdays, Fridays 16-19

Bank account: 77 1240 1499 1111 0000 1881 9014


Applications by May 6, 2022

Withdrawals up to date May 6, 2022

Class changes to date May 6, 2022